Analysis of binary vulnerabilities

May 18, 2020

Additional materials for laboratory assignments are also available in Telegram course group. Consultations are provided online in telegram group, and during office hours in laboratory 311-11 (check schedule).

Lecture slides in Ukrainian download.
Laboratory assignments in Ukrainian download.

Lecturer – Mykola ILIN. Email [email protected], Telegram @mykola_ilin, Threema 2SS7EYDB;
Laboratory assignments – Dmytro Yakobchuk. Email [email protected], Threema TADKETKX;
Assistants – A.Voitsekhovskyi, D.Moroz, O.Kostiukovets (all admins in @kpi_bv).

We want to thank Jade Townley [email protected] for providing IDA Educational license for usage in this course.