The laboratory is equipped with hardware and software , used for research and education.

Students take part in information security competitions:
BsidesKharkov CTF 2019 - 1,2,3 place
Deloitte CTF 2018 - 1,2,3 place
Nonamecon CTF 2018 - 2 place
and are members of the dcua team (

Reverse engineering and malware analysis

Additional materials for laboratory assignments are also available in Telegram course group. Consultations are provided online in telegram group, and during office hours in laboratory 311-11 (check schedule).

Lecture slides in Ukrainian download.

Laboratory assignments in Ukrainian download.

Lecturer – Mykola ILIN. Email [email protected], Telegram @mykola_ilin, Threema 2SS7EYDB;
Laboratory assignments – Dmytro Yakobchuk. Email [email protected], Threema TADKETKX;
Assistants – A.Voitsekhovskyi, D.Moroz, O.Kostiukovets (all admins in @kpi_re).

We want to thank Jade Townley [email protected] for providing IDA Educational license for usage in this course.

Club "Selected topics in information security, offensive and cyber security"

Club “Selected topics in information security, offensive and cyber security” is science oriented. Applied research methods of vulnerability analysis in software and information systems, intelligent AV / EDR counteraction systems, new methods of the study polymorphic and metamorphic malware, big data analysis in OSINT, etc. A number of research and development works are performed in the laboratory, which leads to a large number of topics available to students at the bachelor, master and postgraduate levels. Club creation order PDF. Telegram

Information security club dcua-school

Information security club dcua-school is engineering oriented
Preparations for information security competition (CTF) are carried out on the basis of a club. It is one of the best ways to gain information security skills in offensive security and to show qualification level. The one of most effective and legal way to practice attacking skills (attack-defense). Competitions are available every weekend online, and in the countries of the organizers after the qualification stages. Training provided by members of dcua (TOP-10 of the world 2013-2019 acording to, #1 in 2016 year).
Club creation order PDF.